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Hi there.

My specialty is coming alongside clients who experience overwhelming anxiety in everyday life situations and helping them learn new ways to approach and defuse the anxiety they experience.  I also work with clients with a wide range of other problems, including OCD, depression, interpersonal issues, and other life challenges. 

Our work is a collaborative experiential process in which you and I agree to work together on concrete treatment goals by exploring what it is that you value. 


I see clients (10 years and older)

When working with children and adolescents, I generally use a systems-oriented approach, as I believe you cannot separate a child from the family and environment in which they function.   <


I also emphasize self-compassion in my work with clients -- learning to be kind to oneself is a huge part of moving toward mental health for many clients. As a pastorally-trained counselor I believe it is important to respect the spiritual/religious beliefs of clients, and will incorporate the client's belief system into treatment when appropriate (and with the permission of the client).  Also. as a naturalized American citizen who has travelled extensively, I am able to offer a mulitcultural perspective to those who come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and enjoy working with clients who have a multifaceted cultural perspective.


I make a point of using evidence-informed approaches to treatment, although I like to consider my treatment paradigm as eclectic in nature. This means that in general I lean more toward utilizing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) approaches, particularly when working with clients with anxiety disorders.


On this website you will find links to information on how you can begin to change the way you think about anxiety-provoking situations, such as flying.


Monday and Wednesday I can be found at ASDI in Towson, Maryland



Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I work in a private practice in Westminster, MD.

410-236-1470 (Cell for both offices)

410-751-2090 (Private practice Fax)


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4201 Patterson Ave

Baltimore, MD 21215

Phone: (410) 764-4732