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Fear of Flying (Aviaphobia)   

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One of my sub-specialties is working with clients who are afraid of flying.  I love working with clients with this fear, because it is so easily treatable!


Are you afraid of flying?  You are not alone.  Aviaphobia (fear of flying) is one of the most common phobias.  Most people know their fears are groundless, but it sure feels scary when you are 30,000 feet in the air and the plane is shaking all around!  Have you ever felt this way? 



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Below is a handout I give to clients who experience fears around flying


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Reminders for Fearful Flyers

1.    Flying is an acceptable risk – remember the statistics are in your favor.


2.  Move with the turbulence.  Rate it on a 1-10 scale.


3.  Notice when you’re anticipating the worst case scenario.


4.  Mindfully accept your initial anxious thoughts as just “white noise.”


5.  Notice when you add second fear.


6.  Be willing to accept panic when it happens


7.  Practice allowing your physiological symptoms to get stronger.


8.  Mindfully let yourself be in the plane (or wherever you are physically located).


9.  Practice relaxation skills and mindfulness coping skills before you fly.


10. Remind yourself “It took time to get this way – it will take time to recover.


11. Tell yourself: “Each time I take a practice flight I can learn that I can see it through by accepting the anxiety.”


12. Book your next flight before the practice flight is completed!

And remember: “I can recover just as others before me have.”


Information about my treatment style:

I see adults, adolescents, and children (10 years and older).    


I make a point of using evidence-based approaches to treatment, including the treatment of aviaphobia (the technical term for fear of flying) although I like to consider my treatment paradigm as eclectic in nature. 

This means that in general I lean more toward utilizing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Committment Therapy) approaches, particularly when working with clients with anxiety disorders.

When working with children and young adults, I will often combine this with a more systems-oriented approach, as I believe you cannot separate a child from the family and environment in which they function.


Monday & Wednesday I can be found at ASDI in Towson, Maryland

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I work in a private practice in Westminster, MD.

To see my office hours, check out my calendar, here



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